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About SongClan
Welcome to SongClan! SongClan is a Clan guild Based of the 'Warriors' Series, by Erin Hunter. We follow the code, and RP daily. We plan on accomplishing as many idea's as our Clan Members try to give us, we take opinions, and listen to any complaints to see what we can do to help solve the issue to make the game and rp's fun for all! We hope that you will enjoy SongClan, and enjoy the new family that Welcomes you amoungst our ranks! There are a few simple rules in SongClan I would like to note:

*Roads are neutral land!

*Follow the Warrior code.

*Do not attack your Clan member's.

*Do not disrespect Clan member's.

*Do not leave Clan territory during Rp's. If you go OOC please leave the camp, so no one has any confusion.

*Kits must stay in the Nursery. May be out of nursery if a Queen is with them. (If you disobey this rule, because you are only a kit for one day, you will be removed from guild, (No Fucks Given =^.^=) If you wish to stay a kit longer than one rp day, then you may. Talk to Guild Master/Clan Leader.)

*When you are told by the Deputy, Clan Leader, Guild Master, Senior Warrior to do something you do it. No questions asked. If any of these rules are broken you will be automatically Kicked from the guild.

*If you are inactive 10 days or more you will be removed from the guild, When you come back online you may rejoin, these absences do not count for the rule below. If you are going to be inactive 10 days or more please notify the Guild Master (Spottedwing) the Deputy(Ridgepelt), or one of our Senior Warriors, this way you will not be removed unless you are inactive for 2 months. Then your character will be removed.

* If you cause Drama, you will be given two warnings ONLY, after the second warning you will be banned from SongClan. Forever. We do NOT tolerate drama, nor are willing to having it in the Clan, keep in mind when you fill out an application it will ask you if you can uphold our 'Drama-Free' Rule, when you type yes, we will uphold this to you. (We are very strict when it comes to this rule)

*An additional rule we have set place is if you join the guild, leave, join again and leave for a second time, you will be banned from SongClan forever when you leave the second time. We do NOT tolerate Guild jumpers.

Let us speak a little more about the books. As you may know, and as I said previously. The series is 'Warriors' by Erin Hunter. Learning how to cat rp is very easy, but I will simply start with the ranks, what they are, the names to the ranks, and what you do in the ranks.

Kit - Kits names end in the word 'kit' such as 'Foxkit', known to almost everyone, kits are playful, and can be a handful. When you join SongClan, you will start out as a kit. They become apprentices at the Age of 6 moons (Moons meaning Months.)

Apprentices - Apprentice's names in the word 'paw' such as 'Foxpaw' All apprentices have a mentor, that can be Warriors, Senior Warriors, the Deputy, or on rare occasions Clan Leader. Apprentices are trained to learn how to Hunt, Protect, and Serve their clan to the fullest of their potentials. When they hit the age of 12 to 13 moons (Months) They become Warriors.

Medicine Cat Apprentices - Normally there is only one Medicine cat, and when they believe they are becoming to old to carry on the Medicine Cat traditions, they seek an apprentice, Medicine Cats only have one apprentice. They learn how to use herbs to heal their clan, and study StarClan and learn their mysterious that they set before them. Sending them Omens to warn their clan about things that could possibly set the clan in danger or even bring great news. Medicine Cats CAN NEVER Mate! This is a sacrafice that they are willing to make.

Warriors - After an apprentice finishes their training, and have their ceremony, they must keep vigil over night and watch over the clan as they all sleep. Warriors names end in various things, such as 'Foxclaw, Foxmuzzle, Foxbark, Foxfoot, Foxpelt, Foxscar, Foxlily, Foxheart, Foxtail' Ect. They can vary! As they recieve their name, they must wait a certain amount of time, and do their part in the Clan such as, Hunting Patrols, Border Patrols, and Protecting the clan to the best of their ability, until they are allowed to have an apprentice.

Medicine Cat - Heals the Clan with herbs, and takes care of the sick, and weak. They are most important because they speak with StarClan and are very close to them as well. They are the purest of cats, and no other clan or cat can attack them. Medicine Cats help all cats no matter what clan they are from. It is their duty to serve StarClan. And their Clan. As said before they are NEVER ALLOWED to Mate. This would be breaking the will, of StarClan, and can result in the Medicine cat being banished amoungst the Clans.

Elders - Are the oldest cats of the clans, that can no longer serve the clan or take care of themselves. Normally you become and elder when you are too old to continue on, leaving the clan to take care of them when they retire, Yes they are the wisest, Some Warriors that become blind, or become seriously injured to the point where they can no longer do their duties also become Elders, They also tell kits, and apprentices stories. Sometimes stories to even scare kits into listening. Sometimes when an Apprentice or Warrior gets into trouble, the Clan leader, Senior Warriors, or Deputy can also punish them by making them clean, and check the Elders fur for ticks, or fleas, as well as brining new moss for bedding.

Senior Warriors - Are the wisest and most loyal of warriors in the Clans, the Clan leader normally takes advice, and seek council with the Senior Warriors, in hard times, or if a Clan Leader is new.

Deputy - Is the next Cat in line to become the Leader. Once a clan leader dies, this cat becomes the new leader, and chooses a new deputy of their choice before moonhigh (Also known as Midnight). Deputies, set up Hunting and Border patrols, and fight along side their Clan Mates in battles. Thus making a Deputy a very important cat amoungst Clan Life.

Clan Leader - As known the Clan leaders name ends in 'star' such as 'Foxstar' Leaders are the only cats to have the prefix 'star' in their name. This is a great honor to be a leader. All clan leaders of course lead and protect their clan, doing what they think right to keep the clan in order so they may survive anything. A Clan Leader is the only cat that has 9 lives. These lives are given to them by StarClan.

Now I would like to mention the Warrior Code, It is very important that all cats know this. There are 15 rules, in the Warrior Code

1. Defend your Clan, even with your life. You may have friendships with cats from other Clans, but your loyalty must remain to your Clan, as one day you may meet them in battle.

2. Do not hunt or trespass on another Clan's territory.

3. Elders, queens, and kits must be fed before apprentices and warriors. Unless they have permission, apprentices may not eat until they have hunted to feed the elders. If any warrior or apprentice is sick or injured, they may eat while the elders, queens, and kits are eating.

4. Prey is killed only to be eaten. Give thanks to StarClan for its life.

5. A kit must be at least six moons old to become an apprentice.

6. Newly appointed warriors will keep a silent vigil for one night after receiving their warrior name.

7. A cat cannot be made deputy without having mentored at least one apprentice.

8. The deputy will become Clan leader when the leader dies, retires or is exiled.

9. After the death or retirement of the deputy, the new deputy must be chosen before moonhigh.

10. A Gathering of all four Clans is held at the full moon during a truce that lasts for the night. There shall be no fighting among Clans at this time.

11. Boundaries must be checked and marked daily. Challenge all trespassing cats.

12. No warrior can neglect a kit in pain or danger, even if the kit is from a different Clan.

13. The word of the Clan Leader is law.

14. An honorable warrior does not need to kill other cats to win his/her battles, unless they are outside the warrior code or if it is necessary for self-defense.

15. A warrior rejects the soft life of a kittypet.

Examples of Breaking the Warrior Code:

Rule 1 was broken by Graystripe when he was torn between his loyalties to ThunderClan and RiverClan due to his love relationship with Silverstream, and refused to fight her. This rule was also broken by Bluefur when she fell in love with Oakheart, and refused to battle him when he was attacked by Thistleclaw. It was also broken by any cat who joined the Dark Forest. This was broken by Fallowtail and Reedfeather when they gave birth to Graypool and Willowbreeze.

Rule 2 is one of the most frequently broken, with many Clans crossing boundaries to catch prey or apprentices not acknowledging the boundaries.

Rule 3 was broken by Firepaw when catching prey for Yellowfang after she was exiled from ShadowClan. It was also broken by Longtail and Darkstripe, who ate prey on a hunting patrol instead of bringing back to the elders and kits. It is rumored by Graypaw that Sandpaw and Dustpaw did this every so often.

Rule 4 was broken by Tigerstar and his warriors when he killed prey only to raise a hill of bones.

Rule 5 was broken by Brokenstar of ShadowClan, when he forced kits to become apprentices before they were old enough. He also trained them too hard, killing some of them. Some were made warriors before they were even six moons old. This rule was also broken when Bluestar apprenticed Cinderpaw and Brackenpaw before they were six moons old.

Rule 6 was broken when Squirrelflight was named a warrior, but did not sit vigil, as ThunderClan did not yet have a camp. This comes into conflict with her story in Code of the Clans, where she gives vigil tips and shares experiences from her own vigil.

Rule 7 was broken by Firestar when he appointed Brambleclaw as deputy because he had no apprentice, even though he was going to mentor Berrykit when he became six moons. This rule was also broken when Hawkfrost was appointed temporarily as deputy, since he hadn't mentored an apprentice.

Rule 8 was broken by Tallstar when he appointed Onewhisker leader, even though Mudclaw was still deputy.

Rule 9 was broken by Bluestar when she waited for too long to name a new deputy, and when Firestar refused to name a deputy when Graystripe disappeared.

Rule 10 was broken by all Clans when they fought numerous times at Gatherings.

Rule 11 was broken by ShadowClan when they stopped believing in StarClan and stopped patrolling their borders.

Rule 12 was broken by Russetfur and her patrol, watching Berrykit struggle with his tail caught in a fox trap, and making no move to help him. Also done by Tigerstar when he was an apprentice and tried to kill Scourge while he was a kit named Tiny.

Rule 13 was broken by Fireheart when he refused to attack WindClan when Bluestar planned an attack.

Rule 14 was broken by Brokentail, Hawkheart , Tigerstar, Hollyleaf, and Clawface when they killed cats to win their own battles.

Rule 15 was broken by Cloudpaw when he took food from Twolegs and by SkyClan's daylight warriors because they live with Twolegs at night. Also by Pinestar when he left clan life to be a kitty pet.

The rule about medicine cats being forbidden to have a mate and kits was broken by both Leafpool and Yellowfang.

Punishments by Clan Leader for breaking these rules:

The Clan Leader may choose to punish cats who broke the Warrior Code. These include scolding, giving a warrior apprentice duties, or giving an apprentice an unpleasant task (like when Bluestar put Firepaw in charge of taking care of Yellowfang for feeding her). In severe cases, the cat may be exiled from the Clan; such as RiverClan exiling Graystripe, Firestar exiling Darkstripe or Bluestar exiling Tigerclaw.

Additional Rules:
1. Medicine cats may not have a mate or kits.

2. Kits must stay in camp until they are apprenticed, and are not allowed to hunt.

3. The safety of the Clan is more important than the safety of one cat.

4. Clans must not unite together to drive out another Clan. (This rule was broken when all four clans united together to defeat BloodClan.)

5. Clans must not force another Clan to share territory.

6. Enemy patrols must not attack cats if they are on a mission all four Clans agree on.

Exceptions to the Warrior Code:

1. Cats on their way to the Moonstone or Moonpool are allowed to cross other Clans' territories to get to their destination - WindClan grounds on the moorland and ThunderClan grounds by the lake, in the forest.

2. At the lake, cats may travel on other Clans' grounds as long as they are within two fox-lengths of the lake; for instance, to go to a Gathering.

3. Cats may travel on other Clan territories if they have something to report or ask for help.

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